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Receiver or Amplifier?

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I currently have an older Harmon Kardon AVR-80 receiver (5.1 - 85 watts per channel) and Miller & Kriesel speakers and subwoofer (S-150THX, SS-150THX, MX-350THX). As the model numbers suggest, both the receiver and speakers are THX certified. My room is large at 13.5 x 30.

I have been pretty happy with the sound quality over the years, other than I would like more sound/effects from the rear surround speakers (not sure if the deficiency is my system or the DVD technology?). However. my receiver is going kaputs (i.e., no display lights and shutting itself off).

After doing some mid-range reciever research, I am starting to wonder if I will be happy with just a receiver, considering my room size and that the M&K speakers are 4-ohms, or do I need to bite the bullet with a lesser wattage receiver powered by a separate amplifier. My initial research suggests my pocket book would take a significant hit going this separates way!? Any input on this subject would be appreciated!

Speaking of Harmon Kardon, they seem to be MIA as far as the mid-range receivers. All my research has revealed is low end and high end units. Am I missing some units?

Thus far, the stand-alone receivers I have been considering are as follows: Onkyo TX-SR-806 (concerned by the reports of how hot this unit runs?), Sony STR-DA5300ES, and the Denon AVR-3808CI.

Thanks in advance guys and/or gals! Merry X-mas!
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The Okyno 806 is a good choice as long as you give it room to breath but unless you realy need it's upscaling abilities due to legacy equipment you may want to save some money with the Denon. Rather than the Denon AVR-3808CI try looking at the Denon 2809CI(new 2008-2009) or even save some more with the 2808CI (2007-2008) as it is heavly discounted right now. Both have the same guts basicly just a small diff in wattage 110 vs 115 a few more HDMI inputs and a newer GPU. All of the above I have seen and heard running 4ohm 86db and up speakers with no problem. They are all rated for it and have bridging capabilities,the Denon 2809 even on the surrounds along with multi zone if you would rather.
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