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Re: Reckhorn b1 and b2 differences?


Thanks for the feedback! BTW... your second image isn't showing up. Could you please try posting it again?

How is the B2 working for you? Do you feel it works as advertized? Does it have a + gain adjustment to help with feeding pro equipment a low level signal from a receiver's sub out? I ask because its main competitor (the eQ.2 from Elemental Designs) only has an attenuator. Like most people here I have a pro amp for my sub (I have a Samson Audio S700 amp) and have always wondered if it would sound better with a line level adjustor like the Samson Audio SCONV S-Convert Bump Box ($49 at J&R). If the B2 does both (SSF and level adjustor) for $89 it would be a steal. Not only that but the 20Hz boost could come in handy with an IB sub :D.

Thanks again!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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