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Recommend DVI to HDMI or VGA connection

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I am new to the forum and have just finished our HT. I am connecting a HTPC to the projector - I have DVI and VGA available on the video card. Which would you recommend - VGA to VGA on the projector or DVI to HDMI on the Projector? Distance ~ 25'.
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While DVI to HDMI adapter cables are more expensive than VGA cables, I would think you would get a better signal from your DVI output which is compatible with HDMI through such an adapter cable.
I agree with Jay, Going with the DVI to HDMI is the best choice as you will have far less problems with the dreaded HDCP handshake.
agreed, dvi to hdmi, i have the same setup in our theater and it works great
you can find very reasonable cables online, monoprice / bluejeans / pacificcable all come to mind
Thanks, consensus is to use the DVI to HDMI.
Since your in Canada it will be cheaper to simply get it from here Unless you can get it locally for about the same. I have the exact same cable and its very good quality 33' long You will pay more after shipping for the cables from the US due to boarder fees.
Thanks for all the cable suggestions! I connected the DVI to HDMI on the Pj and it works great.
Purchased a DVI to HDMI connector and HDMI Cable locally.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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