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Recommendation please for odd room size...

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I want to buy a system for my apt,it`s 24' long 12' wide with 8' ceiling...It is a living room kitchen combo....Carpeting in living room part linoleum in kitchen...HDTV is in the end wall living room facing the kitchen side opposite wall is cupboards,sink and fridge...I want to buy used around $500 to $600...Thanks for your time

I just want to add...I want good sound for TV(movies),gaming and music...All which I spend time equally
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Thanks to Jungle Jack and GranteedEV for your suggestions...I`ll have to buy components seperately,1 each month or rather reciever first,satellites,center then sub as money is tough to come by these days...Are them units the minimum i would want to spend for a good sounding system...Also could someone enlighten me on SAC`s suggestion...I`m a newbie to all this...I sorta know what they do but are they nessasary and is there a big differance with them than without...Again,thanks for your time
Hey guys,anything here worth it...Pioneer VSK-818v receiver $150...Polk sub PSW-250 $75...Jensen speakers JHS 1533 $50...Bose Acoustimass 6 speakers $295...2 Definitive pro monitor surround speakers and 1 Procenter 1000 center $350...Last one...2 Bose 501 V towers,2 MTS towers speakers with sub Kenwood 1070vr receiver JBL center,KHL bookshelf $550
Okay Jungle Jack just seen these for sale in local area thought maybe there was something in the lot I could use...Will read the bose article for tomorrows work break,looks interesting...That`s all I ever hear from the locals "gotta get bose man"...Thanks
Hey guys...I`ve run into some health issues,now don`t have as much to spend on toys as planned,i`ve been considering these...Could you please give me your opinions on these choses or suggest options staying in this price range...Pioneer VSX-921-K 7.1,$154.99...Polk Audio PSW Series PSW10 sub,$99.99...Pioneer SP-C21 Center Channel,$59.99...Pioneer SP-BS21-LR Bookshelf 2pr,$139.98=$454.95...Also somewhere down the line,suggestions on low price but good blu-ray and a universal player for sacd...If at all you think these are bad choices please let me know...Thanks again...You guys do an excellent thing here

ps...I might have said before,i`m just looking for a system that will sound good and treat me well
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