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Recommendations for screen in new HT room...

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Well I finally get to see what our prized DIY screen team recommends for my screen in the new dedicated HT room. I figured the time would come sooner or later.

Here's the layout:

I have been looking at the Mitsubishi HC6500 or the Panasonic PT-AE3000. Here is a clip from Projector Central on the aspect ratios of each unit.

Anamorphic Projection. The HC6500 has Mitsubishi's dual anamorphic modes, which allow the user to forego the articulated track usually paired with an anamorphic lens. Instead, the HC6500 scales all content for proper display through an anamorphic lens, and the lens remains deployed at all times. The Panasonic's AE3000 can scale all content for use with an anamorphic lens as well, so in this regard there are no differences. However, the AE3000 has a unique feature that makes it easy to forego the use of an anamorphic lens entirely. Called "Lens Memory," it allows for three zoom lens locations to be stored and recalled at the press of a button, such that a 2.35:1 image can be blown up to fit a 2.35 format screen. This enables you to eliminate black bars on 2.35 format films without manual adjustment of the zoom.
If I understand this correctly, I can setup my screen for a 2.35:1 aspect ratio using a screen height of 50", the width will be approximately 118" with a diagonal screen of 128". If I use the Panasonic 3000, I can set the Lens Memory for this AR. If I watch something with a 16:9 AR, I can adjust the size of the image to match the height of the the 2.35:1 AR with the overall image being 50" high x 89" wide and 102" diagonal. I then set the Lens Memory for the 16:9 image. Depending on what AR I am watching, I can recall the Lens Memory setting. There can also be a setting for 4:3 AR. This keeps the image height constant, but creates black bars on aspect ratios less than 2.35:1. Of course there would be very narrow bars top and bottom with 2.40:1 aspect ratios, although minor and hardly noticeable.

It seems like there are more 2.35:1 movies and it would be wise for me to use this AR in setting up my screen.

I am assuming I will not need the famous Black Widow formula for my screen since I will have a completely light controlled room. However, I do want to use a painted wall screen. So I am open to suggestions on what formula to use.
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Either of those projectors sound pretty sweet!

For a painted screen it sounds like your cup of tea would best be served with a little Cream&Sugar. That's my official recommendation. :)
Cream&Sugar sounds "sweet"... :bigsmile:

Here is another clip on the Panasonic 3000 Lens Memory...

Lens Memory lets you automatically set the zoom lens to a wide angle setting to fill a 2.35 screen, so that you can view a 2.35 format film in full frame without any black bars. Then when you switch to a 16:9 source such as HDTV or a 1.78 film, you can press a button, and the projector will automatically zoom the lens to a position where the 16:9 image fills your screen vertically. And, unless the projector is positioned exactly at a height equal to the middle of the screen, a vertical compensation adjustment is required to get the image to center vertically on the screen. The AE3000 automatically makes this adjustment as well. Essentially, this eliminates the expense of a separate anamorphic lens.
Since both Bill and Mech have recommended C&S I certainly won't go contrary to their expert opinion. :T:bigsmile:

I will point out that, at your stated screen size and throw distance, both projectors are bright enough to go with a darker screen if you want to; even as dark as BW. Using PJC's Pro Calculator, I'm getting the HC6500 having 14 fL. and the AE3000 having 17 fL. Mech is using a BW screen illuminated with 12 fL. and the picture looks good. However; if you don't need the ambient-light or contrast enhancing advantages of BW, C&S will do ya just fine.

Thing is, if you think you need a darker screen after trying the C&S, you can simply paint over the C&S with BW.:nerd: Neither of these paint solutions will break the bank.:bigsmile:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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