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Remote issue/problem

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This post was transferred from the Home Theater Receiver thread I started and need help with a remote situation

OK.......so far so good.The tech hooked up the new HD Tv to the existing Rotel Receiver/Surround sound just as you described,and it sounds incredible!

He used the original Rotel remote,but we also have to use the new FIOS/Verizon HD remote to use the guide,info,etc

Is there any way to set-up/program the Rotel remote(or the FIOS remote for that matter) so we only have to use ONE remote for everything?

Once again........THANK YOU!


**** is there any reason the large woofer(approx 12" x 12") at the bottom of the cabinet system is not working at all?It seems the system doesn't have that "TRUE" deep base sound when watching movies as it did with the old rear-projection TV?

The center speaker,right and left speakers and rear R&L speakers work fine.But the woofer has NOTHING coming out of it at high/or low volumes?

Any settings,cable,etc that can be an issue?

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