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Replaced IC's, Then found Bad resisters

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I replaced the IC's in my 60pp9202/17f. I turned on the TV only to find It did not fix the problem with the Blue being pulled in at all four sides and not being able to adjust the convergence up or down for the Blue. Side to side is ok.

So I did more research and found this site. I found out that there are 12 resisters 1w 6.8 ohm that needed to be changed as well so I took the board back out and found 2 burnt resisters but since I was there proceeded to change all 12.

The electronics store only had 8 of the 1w 6.8ohm that I needed so they gave me 4 2w 6.8ohm as substitutes.

After changing the resisters it still didn't fix the problem.

Did I ruin the new IC's by running the TV with 2 bad resisters? I had it on for about an hour playing with the convergence.

Could the 2w resisters be my Problem? I've been told you can go up in watts as long as the ohms are the same.

Is there something else I should check? I double checked all the solder points.
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There is no need to change resistors that are not damaged or open.

You likely blew a chip, possibly a fuse. Very common mistake.

Read the convergence repair sticky, first ten posts, in the DIY forum VERY carefully.
I replaced Both IC's again and verified all 12 resisters are still good. The TV is still excatly the same. The Blue is pulled in and I can only adjust side to side not up and down. Which fuses do I need to check? I only see two. One right by the power cord and one in the middle board. What else should I look for?

I the only other thing worth mentioning is that before I first changed the IC's I changed the coolant for the Blue and Green. Although I was putting up with the haloish picture for some time untill the convergenge went out. Thats when I decided to do both repairs. I did the turkey baster method without removing the CRT's and was sucessful in not spilling any coolant.

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I do not consider the "turkey baster method" to be a valid service procedure. I have gone behind too many "professionals" and DIYers using this method who thought they did not spill coolant but did. I have a unit in the shop right now for this situation. Even one drop can migrate and cause severe problems. In addition, you cannot clean the lenses and CRT face properly without removing the CRTs.

You could have some other problem such as a bad convergence generator or bad connection, or you may have simply blown a chip when replacing them. There are many possibilities. If you checked everything suggested in the convergence repair thread and followed the advice there and still cannot effect a repair, you either botched the repair or have some problem that will require skilled troubleshooting.
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