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I'm seeing two issues:
- form factor
- feedback.

There are many choices in the 200-300W range for plate amps intended for subwoofers. I can just about guarantee that none of them will be a drop-in replacement, and I will guarantee that none are equipped to interface with Velodyne's feedback circuit. You will find a lot with similar features, but this is a fairly old product line, so its features may not be commonly needed anymore (thinking filtered main speaker outs here).

That said, the sub will likely work without the feedback loop connected, and if you have basic woodworking skills, it's not hard to fill the old amp cut-out and cut a new one. The BASH amps (both PE and O-audio) are good, but PE's 250W is a close match to what you had. What it comes down to is the relative features... if you use speaker level signal as the input, you need speaker level inputs for example. Many people do all their filtering on the AVR and bypass the amp internal filters, making a filter bypass important. You get the idea....

I was planning to link to choices from PArts Express, but their web site has a problem with slow/no response to simple things like sort requests...

Have fun,
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