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At the present time, with more time, on my hands I’m dealing with the matching LCR yet again with the two subs playing the same range in the low end department 15Hz while the remain frequency response sweeps though up to 16,000kHz.

So far applied a frequency cut on the left channel as it was a bit high between 15Hz and 47Hz a little Q not going to talk about the rest of the sound politics too much until its finalized.

Now I have a few more things to address and attend too. Same technique of “In & Out” I get out of the room while it does the full range sweep, as to not disturb the sound waves.

Also I decided too have a little fun, but being serious at the same time.

Now you channels’ will all be using allies on this EQ. Here are your names.

Left channel you’re Mr Red
Centre channel you’re Mr. Purple
Right channel you’re Mr. Blue

Why am I Mr. Purple?

Because you’re a poof, okay.

Why can’t I be Mr. Red?

You’re Mr. Purple!

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