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I have a Samsung HCM4216W (P55A chassis) with convergence problems (suprise, suprise). I was able to find a service manual but I think there might be a mistake in it. If you look at the board, some resistors are obviosly different physical sizes than others. According to the schematic, the large resistors are 2 watt. But then the smaller resistors should be a lower wattage right? Like 1 watt? The schematic shows the smaller resistors as 2 watt. Am I missing something?


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Resistors can vary considerably in size for the same rating. It depends on the manufacturer and the construction of the part. Assume that the schematic is correct. It would not hurt to have a 2 watt instead of a 1 watt. It is simply the maximum power that it can dissipate before opening (failing).

Have you read the first ten posts of the convergence thread?

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