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Personally, I believe a good sub is a good sub regardless of what material is being reproduced (Rock, Pop, Rap, Country or Film). Some may disagree but I believe the point of a subwoofer is to *ACCURATELY* reproduce frequencies from approximately 120 Hz to 80 Hz down. The Shiva-X can do this with authority and it can hit hard.

If you like tight bass (and it sounds like you do) you should probably consider a sealed cabinet although a lot of people think properly set up passive radiators sound very good too.

Check out Exodus Audio's drivers, ports and PRs: http://www.diycable.com/main/default.php?cPath=24_93_150

The application notes on the Shiva-X say a 15" PR is appropriate which is $105. There are specifics in those notes if you want to build that sub.

The CSS-SDX10 is a pretty serious 10" sub but the Shiva-X has 50% more piston area and a 50% longer throw. The bottom line is the Shiva-X moves more air (which is to be expected when comparing a 12" and a 10" driver). At only $50 difference between the two, the Shiva-X seems like a no-brainer to me.

We are getting pretty far off topic here so we should probably take this to the Exodus forum and discuss further: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/exodus-audio/

Go ahead and start a threat EDIT: (THREAD) - no threats please :boxer: - over there asking for advice. Lots of people over there would be willing to help you with your decisions.

Good luck!

21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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