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"Both miniDSP and Dirac Research have online guides and user support available. But a one-stop, start-to-finish detailed guide would be nice, and none of the guides I looked at contained the details I would have needed."

This is my biggest concern about spending the $$ to get the Mini DSP system for my home theater. I am not very technically inclined, so unless I have an easy to understand and follow "cheat-sheet", I find it hard to figure out how to get complicated technical systems to work like they are supposed to. Just to take an example, even the supposedly simple to use REW/UMIK system has multiple "how-to" guides (some of them as long as War and Peace!) and videos out there and not all give the same instructions on how to use the system. It would be so nice to have a set of easy-to-understand directions for the newbie, and another set of instructions to use as one gets more familiar with the system and wants to go beyond the newbie instructions. Just my 2 cents worth!

Yeah, Cal, I hear you loud and clear. There's a lot of grey areas with this equipment and confusion can be easily found!

Nice review, Wayne. Enjoyed it!
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