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Dear Audiocarver,

Thank you so much for this review. Among others, I really appreciate your comparison with NanoAvr-DL.

I totally agree with:

"Both miniDSP and Dirac Research have online guides and user support available. But a one-stop, start-to-finish detailed guide would be nice, and none of the guides I looked at contained the details I would have needed."

At this price level, we would deserve a very well detailed guide.

A question. Is the following statement also applies to nanoAvr-DL?

"When I started out with the 5.1 setting, the DL calibrations always ended up with that 10 dB loss in all of the channels but the LFE channel and the net 10 dB loss in overall volume. But the Custom configuration, with the subwoofer box unchecked always set the channel gains with no compensation for LFE level, assuming that will be done elsewhere. In my case, I let the Onkyo AVR take care of that boost. The result? All channel gains were equal in the 88BM, exactly what I wanted."

In other words with nanoAvr-DL, would you recommand to choose custom configuration (DL is before the AVR) knowing that the sweep comes from the laptop through Nano to the receiver?
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