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What a well read review Wayne - Thank you so much for the time and effort.. I've had my unit now for about a year and half and I absolutely cannot listen to my system without it...
For those considering EMOTIVA - WARNING - please read the forums at Emotiva as they are having (from what I read) some serious technical issues with XMC and RMC avr's and at that price range , I can't even imagine how those products are on the market.... and I have the XPA7 amp in my system and LOVE IT !!!
For those less technically inclined I would not recommend this unit - the setup (especially making XLR to phoenix connections is a challenge) will tax you if your less than patient...That said - once your unit IS INSTALLED - the Dirac Calibration is not complex but is tedious....and as with all room correction will take several hours if not many sessions to get the right EQ curves and measurements that suit you ...
It cannot be overstated how versatile this unit and software is. I have memory presets for MOVIE - MUSIC - Multiple mic position and Single Mic position - all of which have unique PEQ and level settings .
But once you have this unit on the right trac its absolutely addictive... It's also worth mentioning that I recently had to send my unit in because the USB port suddenly stopped working - but MiniDSP fixed it right away... Their Customer Service is excellent !!
Instead of calling it a "Value Multiplier" I call it my Secret Weapon : ) So if your looking for the next level (not attainable w Audessy xt32) Dirac Live is the answer...
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