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My name is Mike, I've been a film nut every since I can remember. Watching Star Wars at 6 years old is my first memorable film and I swear I've watched those movies at least 20-30 times over my life time. I'm also a computer technician so I'm the guy everyone calls when there's something wrong with their computers

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona and have pretty much lived here my whole life. I went to George Fox University, up in Newberg, Oregon, where I gained a bachelors degree in Business and Information systems. I've been a tech nerd since I was in high school, but never had the desire to go into programming. While up there in Oregon I met and married my lovely wife Carol and once graduated moved back down to Tucson. Being the kind of guy who likes to tear things apart and rebuild them I gravitated towards the hardware end of the IT environment after spending years in the help desk and call center tech support environment. Finally I branched out and started my own contracting business as a computer technician. Basically I'm the guy you call when you can't get your computer working, or just need help on how to use technology.

I've been married to my wife since 2004 and adore her to death. I grew up here in Tucson arizona and my family is centered here as well. I'm always with my parents or my wife and brothers, just hanging out or repairing something with them (DIY is an addiction I swear). My wife is a theater actor so her love of film and plays is nearly as large as my own (which helps you come home with a stack of movies in hand and that guilty look on your face).

Hobbies and Interests
I'm a tinkerer at heart. I love computers, home theater tech and the like. I'm always tearing apart my setup and re-organizing them trying to tweak the most out of my system. If it stays in one place too long I get this wild urge to start re-arranging (even if that means after days of re-arranging it goes back to the original setup). Same thing with my computer, if I have a piece of software on there too long I gotta find something different. I am also an avid exercise enthusiast. I work out daily and have been a martial artist for over 15 years.

I started Reviewing at HTS back in early 2012 when I responded to a call for more Blu-ray film reviewers. I'm a wild film fan and have been ever since I was a child. My collection ranges in the thousands and I love pretty much all genre's, old, new, comedy, romance, action you name it. I believe it gives me a more rounded edge as a film Connoisseur and allows me to give a balanced view on any review I write.
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