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Wayne Myers

Little Tyke
I was born in Idaho and have lived all over the states. My first love was music. As a little tyke, I drove Mom nuts while discovering what strange sounds I could coax out of the piano by banging on as many keys as I could at once. It sounded like music to me. Later on, piano and organ teachers would show me how to play properly, but my tastes always leaned toward the dense and dissonant.

Teenager & College
As a teenager and college student, I played in rock bands and quickly became fascinated by the technology of music and sound reproduction. My path through college made its way to a degree in Audio Technology by way of Music Composition and Electrical Engineering majors. At school, I had a blast while making minimum wage setting up sound reinforcement for concerts, recording in the school's 16-track studio, and - my favorite - doing sound design and support for the drama theater. The Music Department's Arp 2500 synthesizer was a never-ending source of fascination.

Professional & Family
There were jobs servicing consoles and tape decks for studios in Nashville, then with various audio and computer companies designing products and managing quality systems - most of it was a fun way to support a growing family. At home I continued writing music and coaxing strange sounds out of synthesizers and guitars. My wife of many, many years (do the math) patiently puts up with my shenanigans. Together we have four children and five grandchildren, all talented and wonderful, now scattered across the country.

Music & Other Stuff
There have been explorations into the realms of hypnosis and energy healing. I enjoy cooking, writing, reading, checking out bands at local clubs, coaxing more strange sounds out of synthesizers and guitars, recording original music - to date, I have 24 hour-long albums of original experimental music completed - and, according to my wife, stringing audio and computer cables everywhere. Thanks to wireless technology, our marriage has hope for a future. We actually have a lot of fun, have written plays and musicals and performed together, and have worked together professionally as Engineer (me) and Forensic Anthropologist (her).

Audio & Home Theater Shack
My main audio fascinations these days include finding ways to get the best sound out of a pair of speakers, especially the biggest, deepest soundstage possible with the most precise, laser-sharp imaging imaginable, through a combination of innovative placement, room treatment, and equalization techniques. And Home Theater Shack has provided a home for headphone reviews using my own Objective-Subjective evaluation and scoring approach. Finally, I am having a barrel of fun learning and contributing to the field of audio with a great bunch of Audio/Video/Music/Movie enthusiasts here at the Shack. Life is good.

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