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I can't get REW to pickup my audio from the card, I don't know if there is special routing on the 1820m or what But I've tried all I know, Is there anyone successfully using the two of these together?

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First are you using a Measurement Microphone(ECM 8000) or SPL Meter?
You should have both...but you can get away with low frequency measurements up to 3000Hz witht the Radio Shack SPL meter

ECM8000 costs me $55 total with shipping.
Radio Shack SPL Meter Model 33-2055 cost about $50(how else can you set listening levels accurately?)

You need 3 Strips in Patchmix. These are the only three I ever need anyway since I mainly record vocals.
Wave L/R (Must Have For REW)
ASIO 1/2 (Good to have for DAW) but not required.
Dock Mic Line A (this is where you plug the mic cable,(or SPL 1/4 in. cable) into of course)

WARNING!!! You must Mute the Dock Mic Line A strip. Otherwise you will get a feedback loop once you turn on your mic. This could damage your speakers.

All you have to do is set up a "Send" on the Dock Mic Line A strip, "to" Host Wave L/R. (The host is REW)

To adjust levels of the Sound Generator, on the measurement window, click "Check Levels"
and use a SPL meter to set around 85dB. You have to use the "Up,Down" decibel level change from the measurement window. The pink noise plays for a couple of seconds, then stops(while checking levels before measurement.

Use your mic preamp gain to increase mic sensitivity, so the input levels reach around -23dB. It will show "Levels OK"

Start your measurement.

I have attached my Emu 1820M Sound Card .cal file.
I did mine with high quality short cable.
The ECM8000 and Radio Shack Meter .cal files are here on the site.

Also I have attached my Emu 1820M .session file.
With all the needed routing.
Dock Mic Line A strip is Muted(no feedback loop)
Use the Wave L/R Strip level fader to change levels.
Before clicking any "Check Levels" buttons, its still a good idea to turn down the
Wave L/R strip fader way down. Just in case, then raise gradually to set the level.


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Wow! This is the best that I have been helped in a long time, very thorough, Thank you Ever so kindly. Now I must check this out, I'm excited. Yes I do have a measuring mic DBX hope that's sufficient. and i do have the radio shack SPL meter.
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