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Rew - bass limited slope

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Hello, just curious what is happening when I choose a 12db/octave vs a 24db/octave slope in the eq window for my speakers (not sub). I have read where it is recommended to select 12db for a speaker and 24db for a sub, but then it went on to state that you may want to use 24db for a speaker. That last part is where I am confused.

I have an emotiva umc 200 and the default settings have the speakers set to 12db/octave and the sub to 24db/octave. Because of this I am thinking I should run the eq filters for the speakers at 12db/octave as to match the umc 200. Or should I run the eq settings in REW at 24db for my speakers and then change the settings in the umc 200 to 24db as well?

Any clarification would help, thanks!
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Don't change any settings in your UMC-200.

To explain the settings: the AVR will typically have a 12 dB/octave bass management filter for the speakers (when they are not full range). The speakers themselves will also typically have a 12 dB/octave acoustic roll-off at the low end, so if the speaker roll-off starts at the same place as the bass management filter roll-off, the overall effect would be 24 dB/octave - in that case choosing 24 dB/octave in REW would give a line that would more closely track what you measure. If the speaker roll-off starts lower down (say the speakers don't roll off until 40 Hz but bass management is set to 80 Hz) their response will be closer to 12 dB/octave. The best way to choose is to pick the slope that best lines up with your measurement, but the slope setting won't have much effect on the filters.
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