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What do you guys think about having a thread where everyone displays before and after REW measurements. The idea is that this becomes one thread where you can see a whole lot of different results from different people.

You might show before and after measurements for things like:
  • bass traps
  • a multi sub arrangement
  • EQ
  • or anything else that brings a clear improvement

Do you have results that represent a win? Let's see! This could be a good resource to show in one place what improvements can be made with different methods. A good source of inspiration.

Optional Guidelines

First, let's start with the forum standards - displaying 15 - 200 Hz and 45 - 105 db. You might like to show:

Chart 1 - listening position - black line: before red: after

Ideally it would be good to see main speakers included so that we see the entire modal range. It would also be good to see more than one listening position.


  1. What is the size of your room?
  2. Describe the room construction - eg concrete floor, drywall internal walls with 2 external brick veneer walls, plywood cathedral ceiling
  3. Is your room sealed and enclosed or is it open to other rooms?

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I think it would be interesting to see these, no doubt. The only question is will members actually post them. There may be too many color restrictions to get many people active with it... and even without, I am just not sure how many people will respond. :huh:

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Yeah, I say that there's probably lots of people who only saved their graphs, but not their original REW files. Comments on the room optional, as well as a summary. We don't need their +/- dB assessment on how much improvement they got - we can look at the graph and see that. Plus, they may not have measured for multiple positions.

I'd say keep it simple - just show us the graphs and embellish on them if you want to. That's your best bet for getting the most participation.


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sure, i'll play. these measurements don't really apply anymore because i've since gotten a new avr and re eq'ed like a hundred times. but i think they do a decent job of showing how easy and effective a bfd can be. the first two graphs are of a diy sub i did using an old jl 12w0 and an old klh 100 watt plate amp in a 5.4 net ft^3 box. the second two are my bic h100. target curve has a 6db 30hz to 80hz "hard knee" house curve applied to it. both subs are in the same spot - front of room, about 4 feet from one side wall, 7 from the other. room is ~11w x 19d x 7.5 h (old finished basement turned dedicated theater). listening position is about 13 feet back from the front wall, slightly off center to the left side.


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