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I've used the 1124/REW combo in the past with great results. It's been boxed up now since I'm in the begging stages of getting my 4 SI 18" Sealed subs built.

My question is this. Would I lose anything in dropping the REW/1124 setup in favor of the SMS-1? A used one came on the market close by to me and I really like the idea of simplifying my current setup.
Also have a Elemental Designs EQ2 as a HPF in the loop.

I'm not worried about cost comparison between one or the other. Just really want to know if going from REW/1124 to SMS would actually be a downgrade or a lateral move.

Current receiver is an Amthem MRX with ARC.

thanks in advance.

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The main thing the SMS offers is an all-in-one measurement and equalization package that’s arguably easier to operate and set up than using the BFD with REW. So you could say it would “simplify your set up,” if that is the objective. I don’t know enough about the SMS to comment about “downgrade or lateral move.” However, no other digital equalizer I’ve seen has the precision of the BFD, having the option of 60 frequency center steps for each octave and more bandwidth settings per octave than other EQs as well.

That said, plenty of people here have had no problem equalizing with digital parametrics with only 25 frequency center steps per octave.

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