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REW frustrating

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Before Christmas I purchased a Dayton Mic and Behringer USB300 Xenyx to run some room tests. After spending days I gave up. I decided to give it another try... after reading posts I went out and bought a Art USB Dual Pre. I spent the last 2 hours trying to make it work. There are multiple forums that give partial advice on the hookup.

Why can't we just have 1 place that says... If you buy an Art USB Dual Pre and Mic wire it up this way and buy this type of cable for loop back.

I am about to throw this $200 worth of mics and sound cards out the window.

I can't get anything out of the Art and probably don't even have the right cables to loop back.

Could someone please help direct me to a schematic and instructions on sound card calibration... truly frustrated.
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I can feel your frustration as I have been there myself with the same equipment!!:scratch: Here are a couple of links that have helped me a great deal. http://redspade-audio.blogspot.com/2011/05/quickstart-guide-to-bass-measurements.html and http://www.realtraps.com/art_measuring.htm and one more http://www.hifizine.com/2011/06/bass-integration-guide-part-1/ . One thing I did notice when I was attempting to learning the system is that you will have no sound being heard if you have the knob turned all the way to "pre-amp", you need to turn it to "Computer" to be able to play and hear the test tones. I'm not sure if you're in the US or not....but I could talk to you over the phone if you think it may help. Once everything comes together.....the effort is definitely worth it. :R
Thanks. Those are good links, but what would be handy is if one of the people that have actually setup using the ART USB dual would take a picture of their hookup.

I know with Behringer I spent days trying to get it to work. I gave up because I saw somewhere on here that others couldn't get the USB to work. I decided to play it safe and go with a method that others have successfully used. When I was hooking it up I was jumping between 4 different forums redoing all the mistakes that the people before me did.

I just wish there was a physical hookup, a schematic and how to like they did for the Xenyx 502.

Then to top it off I look at a post where someone from scratch hooked up and got their values without a problem in one night... No mention of hardware or hookup method.

I've read these forums for months. I know I'm one connection or pot turn away from working, but...

My current equipment includes a RS digital SPL, Dayton Mic, Behringer USB302 Xenyx, Art USB Dual Pre. I've purchased a headphone to 2 RCA connectors. I've purchased 2) 1/4" to RCA cables. I have an assortment of other cables.
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I use the headphone output on the ART USB Dual to connect it to the AVR. At this point, I make sure I have the knob on the ART USB Dual turned to computer and not towards pre-amp. I also use a XLR to 1/4" for my loop back and calibrating the soundcard aka ART USB Dual. For the loop back make sure you connect the correct side....left side to left side. Also make sure you have REW soundcard preferences set to "USB"....since your ART USB Dual is connect to the PC via USB. It can be a PITA figuring it all out.....I'm a analyst during the day and it still took me sometime to get it right. Let me know if these suggestions help.....
Okay. I followed your directions... I ran back to the store and bought a couple more cables. The one I used for a loop back was a 1/4" male to 1/4" male. I plugged it into the left input and output. headphones to stereo. USB selected. Left gain knob at ~30, Right gain knob is 0, left knob points to computer, right knob points to 3 o'clock.

First graph,
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Now check out your measurement in a waterfall graph. It looks like you were able to capture a good measurement. It might help to uncheck some of the boxes on the graph....so you are only looking at one line at time.....at least it makes it easier for me. It looks like you have a pretty big jump around 24hz and a dip around 60hz. Have you tried different sub locations? Also....I'm not an expert at this either....but I have been able to get it to work. Are you happy with your results now?
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