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You could do that. An approach would be:

- Use Import Frequency Response to load the cal file into REW
- On the EQ window set the Speaker Type to full range, make sure the LF cutoff is 0 and LF rise slope and HF fall slope are 0 so the target is a flat line
- Set the target level to around 0 dB (assuming your cal file is relative to zero)

If you want REW to try and calculate filters to flatten the response make sure the target level is high enough that the response crosses it at the lowest and highest frequencies of interest, set the match range to cover the span of the cal file, select the Generic equaliser, make sure individual max boost and overall max boost are high enough to cover the maximum droop in the cal file and click Match Response to Target.

You could also adjust some filters manually to match the cal file response (make sure 'invert filter responses' is selected in the graph controls on the EQ window).
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