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REW good for judging speakers only

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Hi guys,

My second newbie question:

As far as I understood, REW is good for analizing and optimizing the speaker locations in a room.
But is it also perfect if one wants too judge only one speaker, either being it in a room, or in the free field outside?

And how can I perform a frequency curve measurement wit REW, when only judging one speaker.
(for instance: how do I perform a 'standard' pink noise measurement).
Like which button/setting should I use.


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Hello Mike, with my limited knowledge of REW I can say that you would continue to use it as if you were measuring in your room with the same sweep tone. It would not matter where the speaker is located all that would change is that the frequency response of a speaker outside would have much less low end response and things like wind would be an issue in what the mic hears.
Right, you'd just measure using a sweep like normal - don't have to run the signal generator separately. To get a reasonable measurement of the speaker itself (minus room interactions), place the mic fairly close to the speaker. If you want to get more precise, it gets more complicated - half space measurements, elevating the speaker several feet from the ground to minimize floor interactions, anechoic chambers, etc. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudspeaker_measurement.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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