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Hello out there..

I've been having this issue with the REW that the graphic is glitching after a couple of minuts of use. Sometimes sooner.
The only thing that works is to close and open it again. Then u have a couple of minutes again until it glitches again;
when u move ur cursor around it shifts the image in rew and you can't really do anything....

The issue seem to have happen with other people. But I haven't found a fix yet.

Tried a couple of versions of REW (Currently using "V5.20.2 - JRE 1.8.0-301 64-bit on Windows 10")
uninstalling my graphic driver and installing the latest version from the NVIDA (GTX 1070)
Disabling hardware acceleration in REW by using -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false in "roomeqwizard.vmoptions"
change windows black and white mode.

Hope anybody can help. As I can't really use the program other than 1-2 min at a time until closed and reopened.
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