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Hello, long time REW user, extremely rare poster... lol. I changed from an Nvidia video card to an AMD 5700 XT (their current offering) w/ 20.5.1 drivers (latest). The card works fine in other programs, but in REW, I get a lot of strange artifacting/trailing/disappearing since the change. Seems to really only happen with a larger result group (though, I'm still playing with this, don't use this computer often for REW stuff). Opening a saved file with only a few measurements seems to be stable. The quickest way to demonstrate the issue is if I do the overlays and clear all selection, then as I move my mouse around... chaos.

Attached is a screen shot as an example (I've had better and worse, lol).

This really isn't a big deal to me, since I don't use this device often. I have a laptop with an AMD CPU/GPU combo that's fairly new and I don't recall having this issue. I believe the same drivers (will have to verify). On this computer with the issue, I updated Java to the latest (JRE 1.8.0_261 64) and am running v5.19, Windows 10 1903. No other hardware was changed and was 100% stable prior. Figured I'd throw this out there for development sake.

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