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Hello all,

I"m just learning how to use rew, and already got most of the hardware for it. I picked up the Emm6 with the OSP USB adapter for a 48v phantom power, and I also have the audysey mic for my onkyo rc180. Since I have no rca out to the amp at the moment so i thought i would measure my headphone and PC speakers with both the Emm6 and the audysey mic for comparision. The spl difference between the two is 6db, and the FR measured from both looks pretty comparable.

Since the emm6 is calibrated, i would probably use it for xover design, but i probably use the audysey mic if i were only looking at the FR, or just to see the in room response, or just offset it by 6db and i'll be right in the ball park... ???

Pic didn't show up on this forum.
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