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REW noise floor much higher than actual?

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I am seeing a near-steady 65db from my ECM8000/M-Audio MobilePre, though my RS meter shows <50db. Calibrated to 75db - when I turn on the REW generator I see accurate 75db readings (confirmed by RS meter), but as soon as the generator stops the REW spl drops to only 65db.

I have a good-looking soundcard calibration file, and am using the ECM8000 file. I have listened to the input via the MobilePre's headphone jack and do not hear anything.

What am I doing wrong?

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Thanks for your help Anthony - after trying all your suggestions I was able to get it working with a combination of low signal level and higher in-room volume. Not ideal, but the calibration curve looked great and I went on to use REW with AMAZING results.

Sorry for the delay in replying - once I got REW working and my HT calibrated I was sidetracked by the amazing SQ! :)
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