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I have a U24XL USB External Soundcard (and also a Sound Blaster USB Sound Card) but prefer to use the U24 if possible.

The first issue I have is that most of the time I try to launch REW I receive the following message:


java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException occurred during startup
See Details for more information

I have checked to make sure I have all available updates. If I try maybe 20 times, it might (or might not) actually start.

Then when it does start, I still am unable to get the SoundCard to calibrate. The furthest I got was the output showed OK but I could not get the input to show and there was no way (that was not dimmed) to increase the volume.

Is there a spot on this forum or elsewhere that has a very detailed, step by step walk-through of setting the various parameters on both REW and the MIDI .

I have spent HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS trying to get this to work to no avail.

Someone came over today and used his REW on his PC lapTop (and the same SoundBlaster Soundcard and his mic) and it worked but we could not get it to work on my Laptop so I thought I might have more success on my Mac. NOt so far.


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I am successfully using REW on a MBP 17". Works great with the internal audio - no USB soundcard is required. For measurements, I use a ECM8000 mic hooked to a UB802 mixer that's wired back to the line input on the laptop.

On the Mac, you cannot adjust the input/output levels from within REW (this is why they are greyed out for you). You must instead do this with the sound controls in system preferences, or with the Audio/Midi Setup app under Applications/Utilities.
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