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Hi Jaypin ,

Disclaimer ; I don't own any of the mentioned hardware , so take that under consideration ( though I'm a longtime Mac head / I'm just not currently up to date with Mac stuff) .

Comments ; You're wise to focus on first getting REW to recognize signal ( from your Macs internal microphone ) before wasting your time trying to do a calibration of any soundcard.
- The computers builtin mic represents the simplest form of input ( or "plumbing", as I call it ) and if REW won't recognize it / then it's unlikely that REW will ever recognize any other input type ( call it the "canary in a coal mine" syndrome ) .

Direction ; Boot up REW, select the internal Mac mic as your default input source, select the RTA module, hit the RED button in the top right ( of the RTA window ) to start measuring in RTA mode , if you don't see the RTA reacting to room sounds or your voice ( you may need to move the left scroll bar to move the display downwards to a lower db range to get into an active area ) . If you can't get an active RTA under these circumstances, then REW will have a problem recognizing any ( or all types of ) input .
- ie ; If nothing is registering within the RTA mode, then the problem is likely a compatibilty issue between your Macs OS/JAVA/& REW, ( ie; the plumbing is just not connecting for various obscure reasons ).

- If this describes your present scenario, then unfortunately there's little you can do to fix it / though ( from what I've seen JohnM mention here ) certain older Mac OS systems work better with older versions of JAVA ( for running REW ).
- Rolling the system OS back to a previous version and installing an older version of JAVA is really not that palatable to most .

<> EarlK
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