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after many hardships and the multitude of questions raised in various forums I've just made the first measurements.
Unfortunately, still I'm far from the first attempts to adapt, because it's found out that I totally can not interpret the results (graphs). I don't understand them.
Observing the various forums and tutorials, I think that my result graphs look similar to others (but my room is completely bare concrete walls, so it's impossible that I may have good acoustics).
Have anyone of you got some examples graph results of correctly (decently) acoustic treated studios (rooms)?
Or some advices on what we want to achieve:
1) what reverb time is OK and for which freq.
2) how strong deviations in the frequency charts are admissible or just OK? I mean what is within home studio in the living room because I did not want to be compared to Abbey Road, but just ... Gee I do not know ... I am erring.
Maybe you can help if you see my graphs (I attached the zip):
Maybe normal graph looks crazy, but with smoothing 1/48 it looks quite good - of course in my greenhorn opinion :)

Maybe you can give me some advices how to treat the room, or just how to start, what is the first step?.
My room looks approximately like photo in the zip file.

This is the zip file: View attachment REW_graphs.zip

Best Regards, and lot of thanks in advance for any help.
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