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And I pressed "generate waterfall" with one of the sweep measurements on screen. Is that it?
Yes, you created a waterfall plot of the measurement. It will show the signal decay over time. Quite useful in revealing modal resonances. You can then move the listening position or sub position to correct.

I do sweeps - the only thing available with "make measurement" and then derive all other graphs from that?
The measurement creates an impulse response. All graphs are created from that.

REW can measure and create a number of useful plots for examining a room such as - response, waterfall, spectral decay, RT60, energy-time, spectrum, RTA, etc. The help files intention is to help in the use of REW as a tool to create these graphs. It isn't a course in the understanding or interpretation of the plots. It's best to use the internet or books to learn about acoustical graphs, or ask specific questions here. Once you understand what a graph can do for you, then return to REW and use it to create the graph...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts