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Room EQ Wizard Version 5.01 Beta 14 Release

Beta 14 changes (21st April 2013):

  • Added a control on the Measure dialog for a delay (up to 60 s) before the sweep starts
  • Added target settings to specify a rise at low frequencies (a house curve) and a fall at high frequencies
  • Added ctrl+shift+7/8/9 shortcuts for smoothing to 1/12, 1/24 or 1/48 octave
  • Corrected UMIK SPL calculation to match latest sensitivity data
  • Manual SPL Meter calibration is enabled with USB mics if no mic cal file loaded or cal file did not have sensitivity data
  • If a USB mic is selected as input but no cal file is selected clear any existing mic/meter cal file
  • UMIK-1 auto-detected on OS X even when sample rate is not set to 48k
  • Show a warning if a sample rate other than 44.1 kHz is selected on OS X
  • Added partial support for UMM-6, but volume mapping and sensitivity not verified so SPL readings may be incorrect
  • Added Xilica XP2040 equaliser setting (peaking filters only)
  • Added a check for a valid soundcard calibration measurement when saving a measurement as a cal file
  • Generated custom crosshair cursor for graphs to replace default Win 8 double thickness crosshair
  • Updated help text for setting input levels when using a USB microphone
  • Added channel labels to the filter impulse response export settings dialog when Stereo selected
  • Drivers selection in Soundcard Preferences only shown on Windows
  • Bug fix: ASIO interface handled 24-bit integer data incorrectly, causing invalid clipped input data from some soundcards
  • Bug fix: Corrected a 4dB discrepancy between UMIK SPL readings in Win XP and Win 8
  • Bug fix: Exporting RT60 data as text did not use the selected text delimiter
  • Bug fix: Add Offset to Data did not add the offset to the distortion data
  • Bug fix: Soundcard cal measurement notes did not show input and output selection properly when using ASIO
  • Bug fix: Waterfall image captures included the cursor trace on side and back walls even if Include Cursor was not selected
  • Bug fix: Waterfall overlay should not be plotted if it was generated with different settings to the current measurement

Click here for the full details and download link.
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