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Room EQ Wizard Version 5.01 Beta 13 Release

Beta 13 changes (20th Jan 2013):

  • Beta release now supports OS X (tested on 10.5.8)
  • Order of measurements can be changed by clicking on the currently selected measurement in the measurement list and dragging it up or down to a new position
  • Added provisional support for Omnimic (untested) and added .omm as an accepted extension when looking for mic cal files
  • Added automatic detection of MiniDSP mic on OS X
  • Disabled manual SPL calibration when using calibrated USB microphones
  • Bug fix: Fixed UMIK-1 volume mapping under Windows 7
  • Bug fix: Spectrogram range and window spinners were disabled when switching between measurements with different settings
  • Bug fix: Null pointer exceptions could occur when increasing spectrogram time range
  • Bug fix: Null pointer exception would occur when trying to use the jar files under Linux or OS X
  • Bug fix: Spectral decay plots could have spurious lines back to the start of the plot where traces first dipped below the bottom of the graph
  • Bug fix: Spectrogram plot floor could get set to an invalid value which would prevent further measurements being taken

Click here for the full details and download link.
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