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Hey guys,

Been trying over and over. Can't get it to work. Latest REW, OSX 10.8.4 (latest, MBP Retina Q3-2012), Java 7.25 (latest). The program won't actually boot.

Splash screen reaches "generating toolbar", then the following error occurs:
Exception during startup

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: (minimum <= value <= maximum) is false
Stack Trace:
(minimum = value = maximum) is false
roomeqwizard.p.<init>(Unknown Source)
roomeqwizard.E.C(Unknown Source)
roomeqwizard.E.<init>(Unknown Source)
roomeqwizard.UA.<init>(Unknown Source)
roomeqwizard.RoomEQ_Wizard.main(Unknown Source)
sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

Any help would be much appreciated. At one point in time, REW did work. Not sure where it disappeared to, but love to get it working again. Thanks guys!

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Did you re-install REW from a current download? (current REW version is 5.00)
In case you do a Re-install it is important that you completely deactivate gatekeeper (temporarily) prior to the first start. There is a Bug with unsigned Java app-packages. If you start the program after a fresh install without prior deactivation of gatekeeper, the bundle gets corrupted ad won't ever start at all. If that happens, delete the app file completely and unzip a new one from the downloaded zip-archive. After the first successful start of REW, you can re-activate gatekeeper to the desired security level.
B.t.w., I'm on an iMac with OSX 10.8.5 (=Developer preview 12F33), and the program runs smoothly after being freshly installed. So if all goes wrong, there's a slight chance that after the next OS update to 10.8.5 the problem might be solved, but that's just a wild guess. That update is nearly due, so it might be soon enough available to give it a try

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You will have to delete the REW preferences, which are in the Library/Preferences folder in your home directory within com.apple.java.prefs.util.plist. There is a roomeqwizard node in that plist which you will need to delete, REW should then start up OK.
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