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Rich, full bodied headphones under $100?

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I'm in search of some warm, but good sounding (obviously) over ear headphones for under $100. What are my best choices or will I need to increase my budget to get great sound?
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Shure head phones are good.
Except for being slightly lean in the bass, Grado SR60 series is the one to beat. They are an open-back design, so might distrub others under quiet conditions. That said, I haven't heard them, but the Sennheiser Momentum on-ear phones seem to be right up your alley. Read a review here.
I have been impressed by the sound and value of the Sennheiser HD 419 / HD 429 / HD 439 / HD 449 series. The HD 449 started out at close to $200 retail, then the price has dropped and dropped and is now down to $120 retail and only $49 at Amazon. They sound great, are super comfortable, closed design is good for privacy. For under $100 I would start with the HD 449, it probably beats most other 'phones under $100 by any other manufacturer.

They definitely meet your "rich, full bodied" criteria. Bass is strong but not bloated like some 'phones.
Thanks for all the feedback guys. I'll look into these. I currently have some cheap Sonys that sound alright for when I'm working in the office but I'm hoping to find some for my "zone out" sessions at the end of a long working day. Thanks again!
Recently got these and truly amazed how good they are: JBL Synchros S500 Check ebay $45-70.
Grado SR80e/60e or Audio-Technica ATH-M50x/M40x
My vote goes to the audio-technica ath m40x's - if you can spend a little bit more go for the m50x's.
I can +1 the ATH-m40's. They're a little stiff out of the box, and definitely benefit from a bit of burn-in time.

Based on my experience with those, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the m50's.

I also had good luck with a pair of Sony MDR V6's. Good all-around cans with a nice clear upper end and a present (but not too pushy) bottom.
Not sure about whether the OP is still searching for headphones or not but for anyone else interested you may want to have a read here http://www.pricenfees.com/best-headphones.html#Best_Headphones_Under_100 they explain everything pretty nicely, and as you can see the ATH-M40x's get 1st spot.
I bought my Grado SR125 17 years ago for 95 bucks... does that count :)
I LOVE my Ultrasone PRO 550's... and they're $140 right now on Amazon. That's practically theft for what you get.
I suppose my AKG K712 Pros don't count either. :)
I would love to try those K712s! Still a K701 fan!

Still really enjoy the ATH-M50, priced a little higher, but once in awhile it dips down to $110 or so.

The Sennheiser 558 is a good choice for $99 on Amazon.

The AKG K550 is awesome, but more like $150 - $200.

I like Grados if they could just make them more comfortable.
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