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RIP my Mitsubishi WS-73907

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Yesterday morning, my husband turned on the TV (using the Tivo peanut remote), proceeded to pick something from the Tivo queue, then something happened. I heard a muffled thump inside the TV, then the screen/TV shut off completely. We unplugged the TV for several minutes ("did you remember to unplug it, then plug it in again?"), nothing. When the power button on the front panel is pressed (or via remote), the green light turns on ever so briefly, then turns off again. IOW, I can't get to a screen at all to see if there are any errors....thoughts?
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Since it's over 12 years old I would suggest looking for a new set. You definitely got your moneys worth out of this one.
Thanks. I did get it on "sale" (8K). :eek:
If your really handy you could repair it yourself but to have it serviced by a pro it simply would not be worth it. With today's flat panels becoming very affordable its hard to argue replacement.
Now to get rid of it. Bottom half weighs over 300 LBS.
Put the tv on the curb for heavy trash pick up.. Most likely it will not even still be there by the time the trash truck comes around. I see these very old RPTV all the time on the road for heavy trash pick up but most of the time, folks driving around in pickups usually take them, repair them, and then sell them for a quick buck or two.. :)
It depends on the location but most areas have pickup for things like this. In our case you have to call to arrange it for large appliances like this. As said above, it may not make it to the trash pickup. Just about anything you leave on the curb here gets picked up.
What is that old saying? One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Especially with old electronics and some technical knowledge, one would be suprised how that "trash" can instantly be a "treasure". :)
I have a WS73907 that I would like to purchase yours or sell mine that needs a diamond shield. Please respond. Thank You
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