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I purchased an RLp-12 which I intended to use for a DIY HT sub. Unfortunately the project never materialized and the RLp-12 had been sitting in its box for a few years (a shame, I know).

Buddy wanted to buy my RLp-12 and 'try it out' in his car before paying up.

He neglected to adjust gains and crossover on his amp, much to my chagrin, and burned up the voice coils. Apparently his head unit did not have a sub RCA pre-out, so he used the rear RCA pre-outs, which was sending full range to the subwoofer amp. Additionally the gains were turned all the way up (he has some Audiobahn 1000w RMS amp) and the crossover was wide open.

So, after connecting the amp he popped in a CD and proceeded to send a full range signal at max gain the RLp-12 for about 30-45 seconds in a 1.35ft^3 sealed enclosure.:gah:

The result: burned voice coils and the sub seized

What are my options to get this guy repaired? My buddy will foot the bill for repair but isn't willing to buy me a new RLp-12.

I'm pretty ticked, but he's a good friend so I'll let it slide.

I'm not sure what version the RLp-12 is, but I'll take some pictures if that will help.


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