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RLP-15 more power?

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I have a RLP-15 in a sealed cabinet approx 4.5cu and am feeding it just one channel from EP-2500. I have never tried mono at roughly 1500 watts, is that too much power? Do I need to be concerned about the driver with more wattage? Just wondering what the benifits might be with configuring the 2500 to mono? Thanks
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With 650 watts to the sub from one channel you exceed Xmax at 10 hz. With 1000 watts you would exceed Xmax at 21 hz. If this this a HT sub then you'll need a high pass filter.
Does that mean that the driver is currently fairly safe from overexcursion with one channel but would reccomend a high pass filter for mono configuation? Thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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