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Room extension subwoofer enclosure?

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Hey guys,

I do a lot of lurking, but this is my first question. Should be an easy one for you guys. Hope this hasn't been covered before.

I've included a diagram, hopefully, to make this easier to understand.

I want to get my subwoofer out of my main home theater area. I want to build a small (3x3x3) insulated box behind the screen wall, in an attic area, big enough to hold a subwoofer enclosure. NOTE: this box will NOT be the subwoofer enclosure, just a box to protect the actual subwoofer from attic temps. It's, basically, just a small addition to the main room space with the sheet rock removed and a speaker grill covering the removed sheet rock.

My question is how do I calculate the size the sheetrock cutout needs to be? I don't want to restrict airflow, but I only have ~16" between the bottom of the screen and floor.

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Wouldn't his situation be good for an IB??
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