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Room Sim resizing problem

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When trying to find optimum room dimensions in REW's Room Sim by adjusting the length,
width or hight parameters the head position deviates from it's relative position.

For instance if I place the head at 38% of the length of the room and change the length,
the 38% position doesn't maintain. This is very undesirable. The same goes for the width
when I've centered the head along the length axis of the room and change the width, the
head goes off centre...

I have to compensate manually which is a drag (no pun intended). Would it be possible to
implement a 'Maintain relative position' option?

Thanks for an otherwise superb app!! (Running 5.0.1b19 on 10.8.5)

Cheers! V
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Hmm. That confused me a bit, since that is exactly what REW tries to do if the room dimensions change - i.e. keep the head in the same relative position for length and width (but maintain the same absolute ear height). If you type new numbers into the length and width you'll generally find that is what happens. The problem occurs when using the arrows to alter the values, and was caused by using the same resolution for length and width as for head position - a 1cm change in length would mean a 0.38cm change in head position, but to the nearest cm the change was rounded down to 0cm so the proportion changed. I've fixed it for the next beta.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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