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RoomEQWizard Crashes When Opened - Intel Mac - OSX Leopard 10.5.8

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RoomEQWizard Crashes When Opened - Intel Mac - OSX Leopard 10.5.8
What to do? :dontknow:
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Other than it always telling me something about my impulse responses not being where they should be when I do a measurement REW runs fine for me.
If it tells you that, it is not running fine, just because there is a curve doesn't mean it reflects reality...
Is there any other software that's similar and free?
FuzzMeasure (Mac only) has a free trial version, not sure what the restrictions are compared to the paid version.
What does it mean when I get this message? Since it had always done this to me but ultimately gave me measurements I assumed it was just a quirk.
There can be a few causes, from not getting any input at all (so the peak position is random depending on the input noise pickup) to large delays in input or output (so the peak is shifted well outside the expected location) to gaps in the generated (which would be audible) or captured signals (not audible but visible on the scope plot as flat portions in the captured trace). It generally means something has gone wrong though, so next steps would be to check the scope plot to see if the input is OK and the impulse plot to see if the recovered impulse looks sensible.
When you make a new calibration file from a loopback measurement (using the Make Cal... button) REW will automatically load that file next time, but you can also manually browse to the file you want using the Browse... button in the soundcard settings.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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