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RoomEQWizard Crashes When Opened - Intel Mac - OSX Leopard 10.5.8

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RoomEQWizard Crashes When Opened - Intel Mac - OSX Leopard 10.5.8
What to do? :dontknow:
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Not sure what the problem is because I have an Intel Core 2 Duo Macbook running 10.5.8 and I just redid my calibration file for my soundcard because I got a new one. Other than it always telling me something about my impulse responses not being where they should be when I do a measurement REW runs fine for me.
If it tells you that, it is not running fine, just because there is a curve doesn't mean it reflects reality...
What does it mean when I get this message? Since it had always done this to me but ultimately gave me measurements I assumed it was just a quirk.

Another potentially related issue on Macs is a workaround I stumbled on a while back to get the measurement process going. Steps below:

Hit Measure -> Next -> Next (again)
Change buffer from 32k to 64k and then back to 32k
Hit Cancel
Then hit Measure and continue as normal.

Someone in a thread maybe a year back posted this series of moves to get REW to work on his Mac and it worked for me as well. If I don't do this I don't get any levels.

I guess I'll have to try using XP in Boot Camp and see if it works for me.
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I think the problem may have been my calibration was done at 48k instead of 44.1k with my previous soundcard. When I did my calibration for my new us-122 there was a very noticeable improvement in frequency response when I did it at 44.1, so there may be an issue with 48k on my computer. Either way I did some measurements today and am no longer getting impulse response warnings. I'm also noticing that my measurements are mirroring what I'm getting with my XTZ Room Analyzer system.

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Now that I've done a new calibration file how do I make REW stop looking for my old one upon startup and just load the new one?
I did the 'Make Cal' process five times now with my new Tascam us-122, but every time I open REW it says it can't find the UCA202/Xenyx 802 cal file (which was my previous setup). I always have to manually load the new cal file for my soundcard, the mic cal still loads by itself.

Anyway here's the difference between my calibrations when I do it as 48k vs the much flatter 44.1

The 48k one drops of before 20hz
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