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For those who desire the ultimate performance and maximum flexibility from their home theater, the RSP-1570 is the surround preamp/processor to own. All of Rotel’s renowned audio experience has been poured into this design to provide you with the very best in audio and video reproduction. The RSP-1570 features HDMI 1.3 connections with 1080p / 24 Hertz compliance, a dual 32 bit DSP processor and 24 bit/192kHz digital-to-analog convertors. It supports the new “Deep Color” and xvYCC video options. This superbly designed component is easy to set up and use and is a custom installer’s friend with rear panel bi-directional RS-232 ports, assignable 12-volt triggers and multiple IR connections. The RSP-1570 can also be used as a “whole house” audio system with its additional multiroom audio outputs.

Model RSP-1570
THD (20-20,000Hz) 8 ohms, all channels driven

IM Distortion

Frequency Response (+/-1 dB)
10Hz-120kHz, +/- 3 dB (line level)
10Hz-95kHz +/- 0.3 dB (digital level)

S/N Ratio (IHF A)
95 dB (Stereo) Analog 92 dB (Dolby Digital, dts) OdBFs

Input Sens. / Impedance
Line Level, 200mV / 100 kohms

Tone Controls (Bass/Treble)
+/- 6 dB at 50 Hz / 15kHz

Preamp Output Levels
1.0V / 250 ohms

Frequency Response
3 Hz - 100MHz, +/- 3 dB

S/N Ratio
45 dB

Input Impedance
75 ohms

Output Level
1 volt

Power Consumption
60 watts

Power Consumption (Standby)

5.5 watts

Power Requirements
120 volts, 60Hz (USA version)
230 volts, 50Hz (CE version)

Weight (net)
9.6 kg / 22 lbs.

431mm x 144mm x 335mm

Dimensions inches
17 x 5 5/8 x 13 2/8 in

Front Panel Height
3U / 132.6mm / 5 2/8 in

Rotel RSP-1570 Owners Manual

Rotel RSP-1570 Data Sheet

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Yes, the RSP-1570 generate more heat than my amplifier Rotel RMB-1565
Yep, the 1565 is a class D amplifier and they run cool to the touch but if the 1570 has any video processing then they can most certainly run hotter, my 1575 amp is always behind closed cabinet doors and if you open it up it is cool to the touch compared to even my processor as the electronic boards do get hotter, but my Arcam does not have any heat sinks that I can visible see also through the ventilation holes.

So try and keep the 1570 better ventilated.
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