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So I have been harassing my local Menards and Home Depot lately about as adjustable circle jig, and they don't have any jigs at all. I will check Lowes tonight, but expect the same. I saw some nice ones online, but I am anxious to get started on my break-in baffle and will use it as an opportunity to make my first router cut hole.

So I have seen very good results with home made circle jigs. But I assure you, anything that can go wrong, I will screw up in my learning phase.

Basically, I assume I get a board long enough to mount the router out far enough to cut the outter diameter and have some room at the other end to drill a hole for a pin and screw?

I assume it has to be wide enough for 2 of the 4 mounting holes on the base of the router? As I look at the bottom of the base, I see 4 screw holes, 3 in the ring itself and 1 toward the inside... I'm lost already :yay2:

Now for bits and tips... I only have a 3/4" roundover bit, I believe. What do I need to cut all the way through one 3/4" piece of MDF?

I may do a double baffle for a flush mount, so I assume I need another bit the thickness of the mounting flange and rubber gasket combined?

Here's a link with a pic of the stick I'm speaking of... I may PM this guy as well!


Thank you all in advance!



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