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RS meter woes II

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Hello to everyone. I have been trying very hard to figure this REW thing out. I have read everything many times. (Don't understand most of it but I have come a long way!) I have been on and off it for about a month now. I am mainly interested in getting an analysis of my room acoustics to help make an informed decision on what acoustic treatments to add to the room, if any.
I am using a digital RS Meter, HP Laptop dv9410us(Vista 32 bit), with external USB Blaster X-FI Surround 5.1 soundcard, running to a Yamaha HTR5750 receiver(set to 2 speakers) with Klipsch Synergy Sub 10. I now believe that I have all connections, card settings(all "extras" turned off, etc), input levels, sound card cal and RS meter cal correct now, or at least as far as I can tell. I do the SPL calibrate routine and it seems to work correctly. (I am doing the steps in order).
However, when I go into check levels before measuring, I can only get "level OK" by lowering the RS meter's range down to 60db. Of course, at this level the RS meter doesn't even regisiter the 75 db and just tops out at a blinking 70 db.(It appears that the REW SPL reading comes out close to what the RS meter would be had the range not been so low). When I do run at this level I get a measurement that I think looks OK, but it just doesn't seem like it can be since the RS meter didn't even get up to the 75 db.
I guess my only question for now is am I fighting a losing battle with this setup? If I am then I have until Saturday to return the soundcard to Staples. I really don't need it except to run REW!
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I see that I am getting no replies. Is my question not appropriate, too vague,.....?
Bruce, Didn't mean to come off that way.
I believe that I am able to control the input. I am running the line in at the 100 level. If I mute the level the REW meter drops to -27.4 db. If I put the level at 50 REW meter reads 35.4 db.
If I am "sitting idle" the REW meter reads about 50 db. I can tap on the RS meter and the REW meter reading responds.
Previous attempts I used the speaker test signal because I thought that's what I was supposed to do. I was not running the subwoofer test signal, but I did try it last night after posting and still did not seem to act right. I did have it set to 0-200 hz.
I just tried again with the subwoofer signal and I was able to get the REW to say level OK with the range selected at 70db instead of 80db. Is that acceptable?
If it is I will keep pounding to learn more.and keep the soundcard. I have only worked on making sure that I am getting reliable measurements with this setup before proceeding.
I have had a lot of fun with this.
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I hope that I now have it. I never changed the volume on the receiver before once it was set because I thought that you should not do that. But "cheating " seems to have gotten it. I did go a little higher on the dbs on the RS meter but I figure that with its inherent inaccuracies that it is probably OK. The check level comes back with level OK with the RS meter set at the 80 db range and my receiver setting at -16db. I looked at the scope not really knowing what I was looking at but I expanded it and don't see anything that looks flat. (It looks pretty cool, maybe I can put it on T shirt) Please tell me if my results that I have gathered look reliable. I have attached in this post.
Got to mow the grass and go to 8 year old's baseball game.
I really appreciate your guidance.
Thanks, Ron


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