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RSS390HO build

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Just a little info on my build.
Currently I am using an older model 200 watt amp to power this so I’ll not be completely satisfied until a more power appropriate amp is purchased. The project was only approved if I could make it appear as an end table in our living/HT/Kids play room in accordance with the wife. It will be down firing and be finished in red oak since it’s locally available to me. I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have and am missing one of the final bracing. I will do more of the finishing and listen impressions once I get a larger amp (recommendations welcome). This is my first attempt at a HT sub.
Outside box dimensions are 20.75x24x24
After driver and bracing and port volume subtracted I have about 4.40 cu.
Ports are 4”x31” with what I’d call semi flared ends.
Double 1.5” front baffle with posted mounted just above the driver.
Driver on the work bench.

Current weak amp being used to test.

One brace and ports installed. A rounded edge circle of MDF was used to create a "flare" at the end of the tube. And alot more bracing was installed. This is were I had my picture failure.

I could not wait to test the driver. Here it is in some sloppy bondo.:whistling:


This is were I'm at now. I'll be trying to finish it up this weekend and post more pics.
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I feel like I am your friend. Because my sub is an enormous obtrusive black box . Someday, someday I will create a stained beautiful speaker. This one has motivated me.
This has motivated me to get moving on my project too...
There is a sort school of thought about showing off equipment where large sub cabinets fit right in, it's just my wife does not put up with that look. :bigsmile:

On that subject, I showed your finished pics to my wife and she liked it. Another WAF approval vote.
Thanks fellas!
This project was a lot of fun. I think to be honest I had been searching and gather ideas in my head for this over the last two years or so maybe longer. It’s cool I’m getting more votes from spouses. If my pictures help justify a new build for others that makes me feel good.
The new amp is going to have to hold off a little longer since I just got a new receiver and the holidays are around the corner. :crying:
I’m sorry djdaiz, I did not take any good pictures of my veneer process.
The material was the glue backed stuff from home depot and since my box was less than 24" tall I was able to do it without any seams. I cut a sheet that was a little over sized to the box (1”)and started ironing at the top moving down attempting to eliminate any bubbles. It needs to be pretty hot for it to get good adhesion. Once it was covering the box and I had it nice and even I went around the edges with the heat to make sure it was all the way o the end. Using a utility knife blade I cut it flush with the side of the box as a guide. I repeated the same thing on each side and then sanded the corners smooth until it appeared to be a seamless corner, not sure why since they are covered with the leg pieces and trim.
As a side note use some foil under the iron if you plan to use your wife good clothes iron. LOL:paddle:
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OK here is a pic of it living in its new home. I have not run my cable under the house yet...Im dreading it since my craw space is small I have back issues. I'll get to it this weekend when there are no kids around and I can curse about it. And no one better give me a hard time about my manly brown lamps!:paddle: I've had to battle my wife for almost 15 years to keep them and its not been easy.:boxer: They were my grandfathers and I could never get put them in the attic.
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The sub looks even better in the room, again great job!

The lamps DO go with the arts and crafts look of the sub...just sayin'.:)
The lamps DO go with the arts and crafts look of the sub...just sayin'.:)
Betcha his wife may have a different opinion... :rubeyes:
Wife hates those lamps more than I can describe....:bigsmile:
But then again she is a bit ...:coocoo:
I think the lamps look good, maybe only men like them...
One year update!
I have had a chance to push this thing as fare as it will go. Actually when the wife and kids go her mothers for long weeks I have movie parties at the house and the sub always does its job. I can say that the sound has changed as the sub has worn in. I'm not sure how to describe it but it just sounded clearer as the year when on. The Bash 500 amp has proven itself and unless I'm listening to some dubstep is stays nice and cool. With two small children the finish still looks new. I put enough poly on the top that people who don't use coasters have not left any glass marks. Over the summer I had a big party for the wife's 30th and with the sliding doors open out to the deck it sounded great. Several people asked me where the sound was emitting from. I just point to my OC MTMs and laughed. I do plan this winter to build a smaller secondard table for the other side of the room. This all depends of course that we are not expecting number three which might happen......opps.
To all the people who helped me with this project I say thanks again!
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How did you fasten the legs and skirt boards to the cabinet? I'm guessing finish nails and possibly glue, but wasn't sure if the glue would adhere to the veneer. Would you use veneer again or just use an oak plywood?

I'm considering a similar design with an SI 18" perhaps and your build has provided a lot of great ideas. Nice work!
Thanks for the complement!
There are no nails or screws except for the speaker in the entire enclosure. I guess my wood working nature prohibits me from using such things in my cabinets. Some parts using regular TB wood glue and other have liquid nail. The legs and trim are attached to the veneer. On the under side of the table there are small angles to help with support. Also there the top has a direct attachment to the tops of the legs. A massive amount of glue was used in its assembly and the thing has been tight as a rock for over a year now.
To answer your question about would I do it the same. Probably not. Currently I'm trying to talk my boss at work into a set of small dual end tables maybe using 10" or 12" speakers and I plan to go the cabinet grade ply wood route. Not because of finishing issues its just my complete disgust of working with MDF. I have dust collection in my shop but its still messy to work with its overly heavy and just doesn't shape the way I like. If the project goes well I might abandon MDF all together with. When my table was completed it weighted over 150 lbs which I think for a single 15" enclosure it just ridiculous.
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Hopefully this will inspire others to build cabinets rather than boxes. A top job! :T
Solid sub, I built a sub using the same woofer and a Yung SD500 plate amp from Parts Express. Mine sits in my basement (man cave) so I just flat blacked the mdf and called it a day. I still might put some cork matt on top and call it giant coaster.

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Nice. Whats your vol? I see your single port and I'm just curious....
Nice. Whats your vol? I see your single port and I'm just curious....
I'm at about 4cf and tuned to 24hz, the sub is crossed to only play below 50hz. It's hooked up to two separate systems on two levels of my house, works great, doesn't generate port noise but can generate a nice amount of wind.
You should be very proud of your fine looking audio furniture !!
Use the same speaker in TWO 20hz enclosures. I see at the end of your link's thread someone built a 24hz enclosure.
[email protected], I meant to post in this thread!

Garage Theater
[email protected], I meant to post in this thread!

Garage Theater
No problem lol. So what your saying is just build two of these for my garage setup? Maybe not as pretty.....
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