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Hi All,

Is it possible to run EQ filters synthesis for calculated arithmetic traces? I see no restrictions about this in Help file, I tried to do this but no luck. Steps to reproduce:
- make two measures (dummy ones), call it "1" and "2".
- make trace "3" by generating trace in "Trace Arithmetic" panel.
- While keeping trace "3" as "active" (currently selected) press "EQ" button.
Even EQ window title says it for measurement "3" the measurement "1" is displayed in fact.

Anyway, thank you for this really great software.

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I havent done it, but I think it should be possible.
The following is just a thought based on some issues I have run into - it may not help.

Try saving the measurements, clearing all measurements, and then reopen the saved file before you try to use the EQ feature.

Sometime I have problems accessing the results of arithmetic "measurements" for other actions (or even selecting a measurement). This is usually when I have done several arithmetic operations and then try to access one for further action. If I save the measurement, clear all measurements, and then reopen the measurement file it then works fine.

It is not a consistent issue for me and I cannot repeat it reliably. This problem may be limited to my setup. Please try it though and let me know if this work around fixes the issue for you.
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