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Running receiver with no load - safe?

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So far, I have connected the REW output directly to the sub or used the multichannel input for the sub on the back of the receiver. Both of these methods bypass the crossover used by the receiver. Someone suggested in another thread that the REW input could be connected to an AUX IN on the receiver and the mains disconnected to allow the sub to be isolated for measurement with the crossover rolloff.

I was under the impression that running a stereo amp with no load could possibly damage the unit! Is it safe to crank it up with no front speakers? My tx-ds575 is old, but I don't want to bury it yet by doing anything dumb.
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Amps are only strained when they have a load. An open condition is like an infinite resistor to them. All voltage, no current.
Yeah, solid state amps are fine without a load.

The trepidation people have about this was born in the tube amp days, where the no load condition was a real no-no. The output transformers on the tube amplifiers required a low impedance load. Without it, the transformer could easily overheat and melt the windings.

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