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Hello All; I own a RX-V1700 and had just hooked up a pair of speakers in a second Zone and would like to power these from the Zone2 source on the receiver.

It appears that only analogue audio sources can be switched to the Zone 2 and Zone 3 outputs...anyone know how I can get the receiver to play a digital audio source through Zone 2 or Zone 3 ...not sure if I can loop through the line-outs?

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Welcome the the Shack Raoul,

Wayne is correct, by connecting for example your CD player through the receiver using optical you will also have to run an analog left and right audio cable from the CD player to the analog CD inputs on the receiver as well that will allow you to send that signal also to the second zone.

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No problem. Any digital source has both digital and analog outputs. Just hook up the analog as well as the digital and you'll be in business.


P.S. Welcome to the Forum!
Thanks for the prompt reply and the welcome note...great to have some knowedgeble chaps avaailable.

Only problem is the audio source is about 25feet away in a different part of the house i.e. I currently only have a coax digital source being fed to the receiver -it would be a massive job to run the analogue audio.

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