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Fresh-off-the-vine member, here. Found this forum via sourceforge/APO EQ download and, initially, figured to register, get access to the Room Wizard download I was focused o and move on. However,.......

....after checking out the TOS and the inner workings of this community, I am persuaded to become an active participant. So, again, salutations from Phoenix.

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Welcome to the forum Cardboard and thanks for joining us here.

Welcome to Home Theater Shack. We hope that you will become part of the HTS community and enjoy both contributing to help others and find value in what others have posted.
Hi Cardboard, thanks for joining and welcome to HTS
Welcome to Home Theater Shack! Glad to have you aboard!

If you are a Facebook user, click on the Facebook button at the top of our website page and Like us on Facebook! ;-)
Hello and welcome to te forum. :wave:
Hi..Cardboard and welcome..
Welcome to the SHACK... Glad you joined.
Thank you, Administrators and Moderators!!

May our interactions always be pleasant! ;-)


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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